July 3, 2018

In partership with ArtsClub and Map&Move, Rooftop Mixology is a hands-on workshop to create globally-inspired concoctinos from dedicated mixolology coachs. Mixologists will lead the workshop, as they demonstrate their signature drinks and explain the narrative behind their concotion. 

The Experience

Drawing inspiration from gap year and growing up in a urban China, Dark Sugarcane is a memoir of growth, failure, and re-birth, and progress in the form of a multi-sensory sippable beverage. Bourbon, most commonly used in an Old Fashioned, is infused with dark roast coffee beans, and fresh sugarcane juice. The spritz of orange blossom water gives the Bourbon a soft, feminine touch, juxtaposing it’s earlier conterpart of the “common” Old Fashioned. Guests are encouraged to play and re-create different flavor profiles using varying levels of intensity in the ingredients. 

The Recipe

Barrell Bourbon
Coffee beans, dark roast
Fresh Sugar cane juice
Sugar cane, cut into long batons for garnish
Orange zest, for garnish
Orange blossom water

1. Soak Bourbon in Coffee bean for a minimum of 12 hours
2. Mix coffee-flavored Bourbon with sugar cane juice, and ice. Shake well.
3. Spritz glass with orange blossom water and top drink with orange zest, and a stick of sugar cane to finish.

Creative and Culinary Producer: Amy Ho
Co-Producer: Map&Move, ArtsClub
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