May 25-28, 2018

In collaboration with Map & Mover’s, a community-driven travel group, brings you a 3-day Memorial Weekend set on 30 acres of forest, meadows, ruins, and trails in the Catskills. In between hikes, bonfires, and family dinners, cohosts served up sensory experiences and skill shares with nature as backdrop. We’ve invited passion-driven people from different backgrounds to host a weekend of multi-sensory experiences. 

Curious about meditating in a forest with a life coach? Ever wondered about the origin of eating customs and how they evolved? How about dancing on a stage in the middle of a forest, but never had the chance to try it? We’re inviting passion-driven people from different backgrounds to host a weekend of multi-sensory experiences.

The Experience

Inspired by ancient underground cooking techniques, Earth Oven is a recreation of the earlist form cooking. Also known as “pit-cooking”, a hole is created in the ground and used to trap heat and bake, smoke or steam food. Drawing inspiration from primitive tribal behaviors, friends played the role of the hunter-gatherer society, harvesting kindlings, sticks, and logs in prepreparation for evening’s feast. Participants took turns in building and maintaing the pit, “forating wild animals and exotic plants” in a collaborative, ristualistic behavior.

Using banana leaves, which served a natural flavor enhancer and plating vessel, the meal was wrapped and secured with bamboo sticks and placed in the fire pit to cook. As we gathered around the pit oven, friends were asked to choose their concoction from the firepit and encouraged to eat with their hands.  The goal is to create a collective dining experience through the use of materials found in our natural surroundings, with banana leaves as plate and hands as silverware, free of technology and modern tools

Creative Producer: Amy Ho
Co-Producer: Map & Move
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