December 1-3, 2017

Created in collaboration between Guerilla Science and acclaimed experiential designer Emilie Baltz, Sweet Shoppe, an experiential pop-up in a retail space Brooklyn Bridge Park open to the public for just three days over one December weekend, combined an industrial wonderland with Willy Wonka and an incredible amount of sensory surprises to delight shoppers, tourists, and curious passersby — just in time for the holidays.

At night, Sweet Shoppe also played host to Lick’n’Lube, an adult interactive experience exploring the darker side of sweetness. Lick’n’Lube visitors tasted treats inspired by the sugars in edible lubricants, plated in their own hands by chef Amy Ho.


The Lick’n’Lube Hors d'oeuvre, inspired by sweet delights and sensual textures was created with a 3-step plating process to create a climatic finale. With each ingredients representing an aphrodisiac, the slippery cinnamon-orange infusion layered with a rose water gelee was plated on guests’ hands after a sanitizing spray of lemon water. Colored pop rocks sprinkled on top and behaved as stimulation device, adding snap and texture for a mouth-feel complexity, and finally finished with fresh orange zest to balance.

Culinary Artist: Amy Ho
Concept & Creation: Emilie Baltz
Host: Guerilla Science
Producer: Rachel Karpf
Space: Cha Sha Ma
Neuroscientist: Ashley Juavinett
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